Comanche Gas Solutions is focused on ensuring the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and the public at large. At Comanche Gas Solutions standards are set in place that create an atmosphere free from accidents and unnecessary danger. When it comes to improving the safety of everyone involved in the work performed by Comanche Gas Solutions, we strive to create environments that are accident-free and safely managed. From the equipment manufactured by Comanche to the services we provide to our customers, safety is embedded in every step of the process.

All Comanche Gas employees:

  • Follow all company and customer safety protocols and procedures
  • Participate in mandatory safety training programs
  • Wear and maintain PPE (personal protective equipment) protocols
  • Perform routine safety checks of all equipment and machinery

Comanche Gas Solutions is committed to keeping health and safety in mind in every situation and will not engage in situations where this commitment cannot be upheld. All Comanche Gas Solutions personnel are encouraged, and expected to practice Stop Work Authority (SWA) should they witness a potentially unsafe or hazardous condition.