Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues are critical to the long-term strategy of any business in the energy sector.

Comanche Gas Solutions is driven to provide solutions that not only reduce the environmental impact of energy projects around the country, but to enhance the value and efficiency of the tools used in oil and gas-based energy solutions.


At Comanche, we empower our partners to transition away from traditional diesel-only systems in favor of cleaner horsepower supplied by natural gas. Our technological expertise ensures that we achieve the highest natural gas usage possible in dual fuel engines, reducing both the greenhouse gas and particulate matter emissions that come with burning diesel. In fact, a standard frac fleet can expect to reduce their emissions by almost 50 tons of CO2 every day.

Additionally, Comanche is diligently focused on accurately monitoring utilization rates to help customers track CO2 emissions and commensurate reduction using its natural gas solutions. Through strategic partnerships with its customers, Comanche is well positioned to assist customers with their need to measure emissions and meet environmental goals.


Our employees and community are at the core of Comanche Gas Solutions. By reinvesting in the wellbeing of people, we’re building a business that develops and retains the very best talent right here in the heart of Texas.

Safety is our principal concern each day and in every location we operate. Our distribution technology significantly lowers operational risk. Our employees are trained to spot and identify critical workplace hazards, and we enter every engagement ready to do more than our share in order to ensure the job is done right and done safely.


Comanche Gas Solutions operates with the highest standards of accounting and professional excellence. With more than 40 years of collective business experience, both on a domestic and international level, we’ve learned that long-term sustainability is better than a quick fix. We’re committed to fostering a spirit of competition and pushing our industry forward as a whole.

At Comanche Gas Solutions, our team is guided by our Code of Conduct to ensure we demonstrate our organization’s core values of Customer Obsession, Intentional Safety, Honesty and Integrity, First Time Right, Simplicity through Innovation, and Sense of Ownership. This uncompromising and focused commitment in every aspect of our operations ensures our continual compliance with the applicable rules and regulations governing our business.

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Comanche Gas Solutions is the leading provider of natural gas fuel management in drilling and completions across the United States.

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