Comanche Gas Solutions deploys natural gas-based fuel management services to accommodate horsepower at well sites across North American basins. We provide mobile natural gas distribution systems for completions and drilling rigs. The Comanche equipment and expertise allows operators to mitigate the risk of losing profit maximization and missing environmental mandates from diesel alternative fueling methods. 

The Comanche Gas Solutions value proposition revolves around diesel savings, environmental performance, and engine safety. Our natural gas distribution system provides sufficient pressures and flows to accommodate horsepower for any diesel alternative well stimulation package. Our expertise with Turbine, Tier IV, and Tier II dual fuel fleets optimizes fueling efficiencies with increased safety measures. The Comanche Natural Gas Distribution Systems include filtration to prevent contaminants from entering engines. In addition to custom designed equipment, Comanche’s professional field technicians offer 24/7 support.

Natural Gas Distribution

Comanche Gas Solution’s proprietary modular units maintain natural gas pressures and flow rates for up to 24 individual fuel lines. The ability to isolate each line ensures operations go uninterrupted and low pressure slam-shuts on each line increases safety should a line get damaged.

Dual Fuel Conversion Kits

Capable of achieving up to 65% diesel displacement under certain conditions, Tier IV Cummins QSK-50 and Tier II Caterpillar 3512C engines can be outfitted with dual fuel conversion kits that satisfy Memo 1A criteria requirements and maintain compliance with the EPA Tier IV Final regulatory standards. With the ability to switch from dual fuel to diesel engine downtime can be reduced to minimize operational disruptions. 

Dual Fuel Management

Natural gas fuel management is not as simple as tapping into a line. Fuel management requires logistics and implementation. The clear cut benefit of dual fuel frac engines is that if certain parameters are not met then the engine switches over to conventional diesel consumption, thus minimizing time downhole. However if an individual engine is offline, then diesel substitution falls 5% per stage. Comanche Gas Field Technicians monitor substitution data, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues.  

Natural Gas Conditioning

Natural gas consists of various chemical compounds. Specific compounds are not compatible with dual fuel applications.  Whether it’s BTU, H2O, H2S, or ethane content in the field gas or compressor oils from hauled-in gas, Comanche Gas Solutions has the right solution for operators.  

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